Patriot Structures has the expertise and staffing to provide professional level service in the following building construction related areas:

Design-Build: Available for any customer who does not have a set of construction documents, including drawings and specifications.  Patriot has strategic partnerships with a variety of Architectural/Engineering firms around the southern US and can help you design and construct your dream buildings.

Ground-up Construction Services: From permitting to certificate of occupancy, Patriot Structures can help you get your building dream done right.  We offer top quality work, completed on time and at competitive prices.  One call does it all!

Renovation/Remodeling: We can help with any renovation or remodeling job you might have.  Residential or commercial, Patriot Structures can make your business reflect your personality and character.  We even have in-house designers that can help you pick your colors!

Emergency Response: Patriot Structures can help you get back in business or your home in the event of an emergency quickly and easily.  Whether you are facing damage from a fire, tornado, hail or other storm damage, we can quickly assess the situation, provide a professional estimate and get the work done for you, all with one call.  Don’t waste time with “storm chasers” or other fly by night contractors.  Call the professionals at Patriot Structures, Inc.  We are here for you!

Real Estate Investment Rehabbing: Our team of professionals can help you with quick, accurate estimates for rehabbing of your investment properties.  And when you are ready to move forward with your jobs, we can handle those as well!  Just one call to Patriot Structures will cover all your Real Estate Investment Rehabbing needs.

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