Satisfied Customers

Clay Bowie (Facility Manager):

“Patriot Structures has been awarded and has completed numerous projects for us this year, each one has followed the high standards that the LDS Church sets for its buildings. We greatly value our relationship with Patriot Structures and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

“Their professionalism, hard work, effort and integrity make for a good business relationship. Their quality work at a reasonable price within the time constraints that we give them makes them easy to work with and valuable to us.”

Dr. Michael Adair (CM):

“Starting a new practice, time and money were critical to my success. Patriot Structures met all my expectations, and I am extremely pleased overall with this project. Completion of this project in the time constraints required enabled me to open my business and begin generation of revenue required for the success of my business.”

Roger L. Woodruff (Facilities Manager)

“I have been working closely with Patriot Structures on small, medium and large interior and exterior construction projects for the past four years. I have always found their work to meet or exceed top industrial standards. Their engineering and construction staff are always professional, courteous and helpful. I appreciate their integrity and willingness to work with their customers.”

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